Our “Tailored Course” Automotive Design Program

Take the first step in making your car design dreams come true with our “Tailored Course” Automotive Design Program.

Are you an aspiring car designer? Are you a high school or grade 9-12 student and looking to build a portfolio to get into a top transportation design college like NID, CCS, Art Center or RCA? Are you an established professional looking to change careers and get started in automotive design? Our new Tailored Course Program is exactly what you need to succeed.  8-12 classes custom designed to meet your individual goals and skill building requirements. Each week you’ll work live, one-on-one with an award winning automotive designer to get to the next level.  Interested? Read on, or click here to read the blog post

Take Our Car Design Courses on Udemy!

Aspiring car designers have asked for introductory courses they can take at their own pace. We listened!

The Introduction to Automotive Design and Automotive Design Level 2 courses are multi-part lecture series that covers everything you need to know to take your car design drawings to the next level. It’s available on Udemy and can be taken for a fraction of the cost of individual lessons. The courses cover developing the proper line quality, inspiration drawings wheels, how to draw a proper side, front, rear and tip up views, understanding light, shadow and reflections and a bonus lecture on the vocabulary of automotive design. Check out the courses here –  Introduction to Automotive Design and Automotive Design Level 2.

How Our Tutoring Works

Our Tailored Course program utilizes the power of the internet to bring student your award winning professor together. Each week you’ll have a one-on-one class through a video conference app like Zoom.  A live drawing demonstration and design discussion will be done over a copy of your drawing. Your professor will make suggestions that will take your skills to the next level. This is also the time to ask questions. We recommend you take notes and screen shots to use as reference after the call. The sum of this information becomes your personal resource material and the foundation for your improvement.

Again, the drawing demo and design discussion is about your work. It’s personal, one-on-one attention.

Why This Program Works

The course is structured just like a top design school semester or a professional car design program. You will learn and produce work for each phase of the design process: From the creating the initial image boards to understanding and creating the packaging to producing concept sketches of the exterior and interiors to the final presentation renderings.

The big difference and why this program works is because the course to designed to improve exactly what you need to improve upon and to meet your individual needs. It’s not a one size fits all program. Each course is custom tailored to achieve your personal and professional goals. This course turns weaknesses into strengths and becomes a showcase for your talent.

Each Class is 45 min.

Drawing cars is hard. Really hard. After years of teaching this very hard subject, we have found 45 min. is just about the right length of class time. The goal is to improve your drawing and design skills by giving you short bursts of quality, one-on-one instruction and feedback about your work. This technique is incredibly effective in creating the concrete change that takes your skills to the next level.

A 45 min. class also leaves time to have your questions answered and to address any issues that may come up along the way. You will retain and absorb the information and experience real improvement very quickly without being overwhelmed. We have seen incredible improvements in car design and drawing skills and understanding in just 7 days. (Of course you have to actually do the work!)

Areas Covered

Drawing –

  • Developing the “car designer” technique
  • Working with materials
  • Understanding perspective
  • Developing your understanding of proportion
  • Understanding surface reflections
  • Developing perspectives
  • Developing layout design skills
  • Developing presentation skills
Design –
  • Understanding packaging
  • Finding inspiration
  • Concept development
  • Developing proportion
  • Form development
  • How to add functionality
  • Variations on your theme
  • Automotive design vocabulary
The Various phases of the car design process including how to draw cars and how to develop a clay scale model
“Working with Michael has been awesome. I am learning so much and my drawing has improved 500%. Watching stuff online helps but this is so much better than trying to teach yourself. Can I thank my parents for signing me up?”
Jason K, Age 15
“We could see our son was talented and loved to draw cars. He was watching stuff on youtube but was frustrated. A standard art class can’t come close to what Michael can offer. We feel our son has found a home here and is very happy”
Mrs. Mary K
“Our daughter is interested in fashion and car design (thanks to her dad). Working with Michael has improved her skills beyond what my wife and I could have imagined. Her portfolio looks amazing and is only getting better. Well worth it”
Mr. & Mrs. Johnston
“I so want to be a designer and was really struggling. Michael really shows me stuff I can use and I can see I’m getting better. Yes, you have to work hard. But that’s OK. My friends can’t believe the stuff I’ve been doing. I’m stoked!”
Jess M, Age 16

“I was really skeptical as to how this would work. The technology is there and Michael really doesn’t waste time. He is well prepared and shows me exactly what I need to work on to get me to the next level. The 45 min session works great”

Clark G, Age 20
“OMG this is so fun. I love seeing what my cars could look like during the demos. I am so inspired to work harder and get better. I found this online and showed my parents. They were so cool so sign me up. It’s so awesome!”
Jimmy S, Age 14
Meet Your Tutor


American designer Michael Santoro

Award Winning Designer, Michael Santoro

Some of Michael’s work and accomplishments:

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• Take your portfolio to the next level

• Get on the path to achieving your dreams

• Upon completion you’ll have a complete, top tier project for your portfolio

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