Take Our New Introductory Car Design Course on Udemy!

Aspiring car designers have asked for an introductory course they can take at their leisure. We listened!

The new “Introduction to Automotive Design” course is a 5 part lecture series that covers everything you need to know to take your car design drawings to the next level. It’s available on Undemy and can be taken for a fraction of the cost of 5 individual lessons. The course covers developing the proper line quality, where car designers get their inspiration from and how you can get inspired too, drawings circles and ellipses, how to draw a proper side view and a bonus lecture on the vocabulary of automotive design. Check out the course here –  Introduction to Automotive Design.

Learn How to Draw Cars Better!

Our How to Draw Cars tutoring program is designed for high school students who love to draw cars, dream of becoming a car designer or adults who love to draw and want to improve their skills.

If you love to draw cars or dream of becoming a car designer, don’t you deserve the best chance at making this dream come true? Almost all other disciplinrs have a support structure to provide a path to improvement, except automobile design. Until now. Now you can be tutored by an award winning, professional car designer who was in exactly same place as you are in today, when he was your age. The best part is you can get started for as little as $25. Sound good? Read on…..

How Our Tutoring Works

The How to Draw Cars program utilizes the power of the internet to bring student and teacher together. Your session is a video conference using apps like Skype or FaceTime.  A live drawing demonstration and design discussion will be done over a copy of your drawing. Your tutor will make suggestions that will take your skills to the next level. This is also the time to ask questions. We recommend you take notes and screen shots to use as reference after the call. The sum of this information becomes your personal resource material and the foundation for your improvement.

Again, the drawing demo and design discussion is about your work. It’s personal, one on one attention.

Why Get Tutored?

It takes 10,000 hrs to get good at something. Thats about 10 years, even with the right guidance. Without it, you’re on your own. The Online Academy of Automobile Designs’ How to Draw Cars program can drastically cut down that time, allowing you or (your child) to develop skills and knowledge far beyond your years.

It’s known that Wayne Gretzky played his youth hockey against kids 2-4 years older than him. What if your design and drawing skills were two to four years ahead of everyone else your age? How much more interested would the top design colleges be in having you attend their program? How much better would you do with scholarship opportunities?

Why a 15 min Session?

Drawing cars is hard. Really hard. The goal of the How to Draw Cars program is to improve your drawing skills by giving you short bursts of quality instruction about your work. By compressing the tutoring session to 15 min, the student remains focused on the information being shared. They retain and absorb it, experiencing real improvement very quickly without being overwhelmed.

Not ready for one-on-one tutoring, check out the new “Introduction to Automotive Design” course on Udemy.

Areas of Study

Drawing –

  • Physicality of drawing
  • Working with materials
  • Developing the “car designer” technique
  • Understanding perspective
  • Understanding proportion
  • Understanding surface reflections
  • Advanced perspectives


Design –
  • Form development
  • Speed forms
  • Functionality
  • Proportion
  • Using your drawings to tell a story
  • Presentations skills
  • Automotive Design Vocabulary and Terminology
The Various phases of the car design process including how to draw cars and how to develop a clay scale model
“Working with Michael has been awesome. I am learning so much and my drawing has improved 500%. Watching stuff online helps but this is so much better than trying to teach yourself. Can I thank my parents for signing me up?”
Jason K, Age 15
“We could see our son was talented and loved to draw cars. He was watching stuff on youtube but was frustrated. A standard art class can’t come close to what Michael can offer. We feel our son has found a home here and is very happy”
Mrs. Mary K
“Our daughter is interested in fashion and car design (thanks to her dad). Working with Michael has improved her skills beyond what my wife and I could have imagined. Her portfolio looks amazing and is only getting better. Well worth it”
Mr. & Mrs. Johnston
“I so want to be a designer and was really struggling. Michael really shows me stuff I can use and I can see I’m getting better. Yes, you have to work hard. But that’s OK. My friends can’t believe the stuff I’ve been doing. I’m stoked!”
Jess M, Age 16
“I was really skeptical as to how this would work. The technology is there and Michael really doesn’t waste time. He is well prepared and shows me exactly what I need to work on to get me to the next level. The 15 min session works great”
Clark G, Age 20
“OMG this is so fun. I love seeing what my cars could look like during the demos. I am so inspired to work harder and get better. I found this online and showed my parents. They were so cool so sign me up. It’s so awesome!”
Jimmy S, Age 14
Meet Your Tutor


American designer Michael Santoro

Award Winning Designer, Michael Santoro

Some of Michael’s work and accomplishments:

Get Started Now!

We’ve got 2 world class options for you to start improving your skills right now:

• Take the 5 part course “Introduction to Automotive Design” on Udemy


• Get one on one tutoring using the form on the right.

To find our more about the Udemt course, click here

For One on One Tutoring:

For only $25.00 USD per session, you’ll get the personal attention of a professional automotive designer to teach you everything you’ll need to improve both your drawing and design skills.

1. Fill out the questionnaire to the right as completely as you can.

2. Upload the image of your work you want to be part of your session. (2mb max in any standard image format). Your tutor will do a drawing demo over this drawing as part of your instruction. Choose one that best represents your drawing and design abilities.

3. Once you click send, we will contact you by email to arrange payment and to discus the best date and time for your session.

If you have any questions about the How To Draw Cars program, please email.

Email: questions@howtodrawcars.net

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